Amieira Marina


Amieira Marina is a company without barriers. It is equipped with access ramps for people with reduced mobility. Access to the piers and boats can be done via a suitable lift.

Moreover, our cruise boat 'Guadiana' and some of our Houseboats , Duo Model, Quattro, 1010, 1170 and 1310 also provide easy access to people with reduced mobility.

in the parking lot

parking for people with
reduced mobility

parking and access to the reception
and bar/esplanade

parking for people with reduced mobility
and access ramp to restaurant

in the reception and restaurant

indoor ramp at the
reception and bar

access ramp
to the esplanade

toilets for people with reduced mobility in the reception

toilets for people with reduced
mobility in the restaurant

at the dock/marina

slipway to the dock/Marina


double faced lift

slipway to the Guadiana River

Blue flag

Blue flag

The Amieira Marina has received the "quality stamp" of the Blu Flag for a long time already. This ensures that it undertakes to preserve the environmental quality of the Marina and the water of the Alqueva Lake, and making sure that everyone respects the principles of the international Environmental Code of Conduct.



The vision of Amieira Marina is based on the following principles: sustainability, environmental protection, conservation of fauna and flora and the preservation of its ecosystem. Our duty is, therefore, to instill these principles in all of our staff and clients who use any of our facilities.



Amieira Marina undertakes to dispose of the waste produced around it in the most environmentally-friendly way. We have instructed our staff and clients to refrain from disposing of toxic waste into the water, but instead place it in the designated recycling bins near our dock.