Amieira Marina


Alentejo / Portugal / water

The landscape around the Alqueva Lake is charming and unique.

Discover the lakeside villages and all they have to offer.

Amieira village

Alqueva village

Campinho village

Culture and local cuisine are just some of the reasons why you should visit the lakeside villages of the Alqueva Lake.

Telheiro village

The town of Monsaraz

Luz village

The town of Mourão

Juromenha village

Villareal village

Cheles village


One of the strategic aims of the Government is to enhance the tourist potential of the “Lands of the Great Alqueva Lake”.

The dam embraces the valleys of the Guadiana and Degebe rivers, as well as the Alcarrache, Zebro and Lucefecit streams. It offers real potential for tourist development due to its proximity to the villages and towns of Alentejo. These communities stand to benefit greatly from the combination of their own activities with those generated by the increase in tourism, leisure and recreational opportunities provided by the Alqueva waters and its margins.



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The development of an alternative brand of tourism is a large scale activity that aims to innovate the tourist and leisure business in the world.

Mass tourism is giving way to new products, spaces, equipment and services, marketing mechanisms and tourist promotion models. These offer an introduction to new environments and structures in which tourists find a warm and original welcome as they make contact with local people and their values and cultural heritage.